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When Kiki was adopted in 2004 as a 12 week old puppy, there weren’t many good, healthy treat options available in the market.  Kiki’s mom decided to use her baking skills that she had acquired after many years of baking in human to make dog treats!  This is how The Barkery was born!  We have been making delicious dog treats, pastries and cakes since 2006.  We use only the finest, human ingredients in all of our products.  We use real meat, cheese and fruits in everything we make.  We never use salt, sugar or preservatives in the products that we make. We ship our treats and cakes throughout the United States.

Meet Our Team


My name is Phoebe and I am a rescue from Tennessee. I am part Cattle dog, Labrador Retriever & German Shorthaired Pointer! I am a playful girl that loves all other dogs and people! I can also be destructive at times and I admit that I have shredded many of my mom’s pillows! My mom owns The Barkery and my favorite Barkery treats are the tulip puffs, pepperoni pinwheels, pizza, and bacon cheesecake. Ok, I admit it, I love everything!!! I am a very spoiled girl and I think I am so lucky that I have my mom to love me.


My name is Lola and I am a Chihuahua / Jack Russel mix. I was adopted by my family when I was three years old. I prefer to be with people rather than dogs but I have had a few dogs in my life that I loved greatly. I love squeaky toys of all kinds! My favorite treats are the cheddar cheese biscuit and carob lollipops!


My name is Olivia and I was adopted in October of 2020! I love my new family so much! I go with my mom out to the barn every day to help her take care of my horse siblings. I love to ride in the car, play with toys and get belly rubs from anyone that is willing to give them! My favorite treats are the peanut butter carob bar and the pupcakes, but I’ll be honest that I really won’t turn down any treat!


Hi! I’m Willow! I am a lab mix. I was rescued by my mom and dad when I was just 8 weeks old and only 4 pounds! I’ve grown a whole lot and now I weigh 60 lbs! I love going for long rides to Maine and swimming. My most favorite things in the world are bunnies, cuddling, and all of the toys and treats my mom brings home for me!


Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m a Boston Terrier. Some people call us “Boston Terrors” but I’m the opposite. I’m very laid back. I guess I’m more like a cat. I love going on long car rides and rides on my Granddad’s boat! I LOVE treats and following the sun around the house. I love being warm which is why I always love to go under blankets and cuddle! I can’t resist a good game of keep away. I will chase any ball… doesn’t even matter the size!


Hi, my name is Cobie I am a yellow lab. My human brother and sister will tell you I am the favorite child of our mom, I have to admit that is probably true. I love walks by the lake, love going in the ocean water and playing with my red Kongball.I love it when my family gets me new stuffed toys I can rip it apart as quickly as possible to find the squeaker. I love cookies and I especially love it when my mom brings me home the decorated cookies from work!


My name is Delilah I am Colbie's adopted sister. I am a rescue from Georgia and I am half hound and half Saint Bernard. Before I found my forever family I never knew what treats or toys were and I had to learn how to walk nice on a leash. Mommy was very impressed that I learned leash training quite quickly. My family loves me very much they tell me all the time and that I kind of rescued them too coming into to the family. Mommy calls me a blessing! Like my sister Colbie, I love it when mom brings us home cookies from work!


The Barkery may be something to bark about but it's also the cat's meow! My name is Finral and my mum always makes sure to get me my favorite nutritious Fromm Dry Food there. I play long and hard and need all the energy I can get! When I'm not making mum play with me, I'm exploring outside on a leash (to my dismay) or enjoying a nice cat nap while soaking up the sun. Begging may be for dogs but when it comes to treats I'll do whatever it takes!


Over The Rainbow Bridge
My beloved Kiki crossed the rainbow bridge on October 8, 2018, she would have turned 15 on January 23, 2019 . I built this company for Kiki because when she was adopted at 12 weeks old back in 2004, there were very few healthy treats available on the market. I took my baking skills and put them to good use and started creating recipes for dog treats. I tested them on Kiki and her friends and once I had 4 paws up from everyone, I opened The Barkery in 2006. Kiki will always be the reason that The Barkery is here today making treats for pups all over the country! She is loved and missed every day. Although she’s no longer by my side, she is forever in my heart.


Over The Rainbow Bridge
Cody was a beautiful newfoundland border collie mix that passed away at the young age of 10 years old. He was a beautiful and gentle soul who loved every person and dog he met. When Cody first came to our family, he was about 1 year old and didn’t know what toys or treats were. But, he very quickly learned and he loved both. This gentle giant is missed greatly and will always be in our hearts.


Over The Rainbow Bridge
My name is Holly and I am a 14 year old lab mix. I was adopted by my family when I was just 13 weeks old. I was rescued from a kill shelter in TN. I share my home with my parents, my dog brother Sonny and a couple of cats! My mom also has a horse and when I was younger, I used to go to the barn with her to help her out but now I mostly enjoy lounging around the house! I have been going to The Barkery for treats since I was a wee pup and when my mom told me that she was going to be working there, I almost leapt out of my fur with joy! I love every treat I have ever eaten from here!


Over The Rainbow Bridge
My name is Sonny and I was adopted by my family when I was 3. I was rescued from a home that had 2 other dogs & they could no longer keep me. I am 11 years old and a giant mush but I still sleep under the covers with my mom because in my mind I am really just a 10 lb dog! I still go with my mom to the barn to help out with the horse and I love to do agility! Treats are the most amazing thing in the world to me and my sister Holly and I just love all the treats our mom brings home from work! I can’t really pick a favorite as they are all just so good!


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