Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?  Skin issues?  Chronic ear infections?  Fur loss?  If so, you should consider feeding goat milk to your pet!  Here at The Barkery, we sell raw, unpasteurized goat milk from Primal Pet Foods.  10 Months ago I was at a trade show and I was speaking with the Primal rep regarding my dog’s battle with allergies.  She has been on prescription Apoquel for years because her allergies were so bad.  The Rep suggested that I start giving her goat milk to help her with her allergies.  Of course, initially, I was a non-believer!  How could something so simple, such as raw, unpasteurized goat milk help my dog’s allergies when the medication doesn’t even completely help her?

But, the Rep explained to me that everything stems from the pet’s digestive system.  And, when the digestive system is off, it creates negative flora in the gut which then turns to sugar, then yeast and the presents in the form of allergies and skin infections.  Still, I wasn’t totally convinced but I said I would try it, why not!  So, that next day when I got home, I gave her the first “dose” of goat milk.  I couldn’t believe that my super finicky dog actually liked it!  I started her at just 2 ounces a day for the first two weeks.  Needless to say, I was pretty shocked when I started noticing results.  The first major result I noticed was about 3 weeks later when all the fur on her tail grew back in.  (She had previously lost the fur and the vet told me it was Alopecia and that it would never grow back!).  I was shocked!  I was so happy!

My girl has been on the goat milk ever since.  Her fur is as soft as puppy fur.  It is a nice deep black again.  Her allergies have healed so much that she is down to just ¼ of an Apoquel pill daily.  My hope is to have her completely off the Apoquel some day.  Goat milk has been a God send to my girl.  And, not just my dog, but many of my customer’s pets as well.

Results with goat milk vary by pet.  Some pet owners see results within a few weeks, others it takes a few months.  Don’t be hesitant about trying the goat milk.  It has so many benefits.  For more information about the goat milk from Primal Pet Foods, please visit their web site: