Most dogs want to be right next to you at all times, but you might be more comfortable if your four-legged friend had a bed of their own. When you’re creating a special room for your dog indoors or outdoors, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Spending time with your pet is always valuable, but giving your pet some privacy to rest up for another round is also beneficial. Besides, dogs love things that they know are genuinely theirs. A comfortable doghouse can fit the bill.

Choose the Right Location

For an indoor doggy room, you’ll want to look for the most appropriate location in your house. Close to the door will cause some excitable dogs to bark and jump around the room whenever a friend comes over. This can cause damage to your walls and carpets. Another key tip is to keep your dog’s bed and crate away from the window so they don’t keep you up barking and whining at their surroundings. A cozy bed in a spacious corner is just enough for your pup to curl up and go to sleep.

Make Sure It’s Pet-Friendly

There are various types of pet-friendly floor materials to use when creating your dog’s room. Dogs with long nails can scrape up your floor and bring down the value of your home. Nothing potentially dangerous should be in the way of your dog’s wagging tail or their path to the door if they get rambunctious. A room with less expensive vinyl flooring is easy to repair from damage, and even a carpeted room can be cleaned as long as your dog isn’t prone to make messes inside your house. Area rugs and bedding can give them a place to curl up and nap.

Make Your Dog’s Room Stand Out

If you’re interested in interior design, you can have fun with a room for your dog. Think of their natural personality and go from there. If you’re planning a complex color scheme just to please your pet, however, remember that they can only see combinations of blue and yellow. Black and white rooms are easier to clean anyway. Your dog will be happy just having a place to sleep, and dogs like cozy spaces. An open cupboard is often a good place to put a bed.

Your furry friend deserves a place of their own. Feel free to decorate to your heart’s content, but realize that your dog will probably be happy with just a few toys and a blanket.

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