The closer we get to the holiday season, the more I think about pie. Don’t get me wrong; cheese is one of my favorite food groups. There’s just something about pie, though, that warms my heart – and my belly.

Pies can make any occasion special. Need proof? Just look at our major holidays:

Christmas = Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Pie

Thanksgiving = Pecan Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Apple Pie

Veterans Day = Apple Pie

Labor Day = Peach Pie, Cherry Pie, and Apple Pie

Independence Day = Apple Pie

Memorial Day = Blueberry Pie and Apple Pie

New Year’s Day = Banitza (A Bulgarian cheese pie!) and Apple Pie

There’s literally a pie for every day of the year!

dog treat of the month club, cookie treat of  the month, dog cookie clubsApple pie (which you may have noticed in my list above) is a staple. Mom makes apple pie at the shop for my four-legged buddies. Did you know, though, that lots of our two-legged friends come in to buy pies from us, too?

I had no idea that two-legged people were coming in to get pies for themselves until I got a letter from my friend, Annie. Annie may or may not love apple pie more than me – it’s debatable.

Annie is a beautiful golden retriever, but she’s sort of a know-it-all – if you know what I mean. She is just one of those dogs who thinks that they know everything. She’s an apple-pie expert. She knows my mom makes the best pie. She knows the best places to pee in Boston… You get the idea.

Annie sent me a letter a couple years ago saying that she was outraged! Outraged! Her mom had brought her into the shop, just like she does every month, and purchased an apple pie and some other treats for her.

When they got home, Annie’s mom set the pie on the counter and then went outside to do some yardwork. Just like any sane person, Annie sat by the counter and watched the pie… for two hours. Now, I have many friends who are not that patient; they would have tried to pull the pie off the counter and gotten into trouble. Annie was very well-mannered, though, and knew that her mom would give her the pie soon enough.

Unlike normal, Annie’s grandma, Irene, was visiting this particular week. Annie watched Irene come into the kitchen, and she walked over to the pie. Annie said that Grandma Irene was admiring it, of course, but then she turned around and went outside to talk to her mom.

Then, the most horrific thing happened. Grandma Irene came right back inside, walked straight to the pie… and started to eat it! Annie was aghast! Heartbroken! How could Grandma Irene just eat her pie like that?

Apparently, Annie found out later that Grandma Irene has this disease called diabetes. She was complimenting Annie’s mom on the pie and Annie’s mom told her that she could eat it!

After I read Annie’s letter, I went directly to my mom to get the inside scoop. I thought that we only catered to four-legged friends; that is what makes our barkery so special!

That’s when mom told me about my great-grandfather, Frank. He used to work at our shop and he had diabetes, too. Mom said that she only uses the best ingredients in our goodies, so they are completely safe for two-legged friends. She also doesn’t add sugar – which is apparently a big deal for people with diabetes.

Great-grandfather Frank used to eat mom’s pies all the time, and I never knew it! He told all of his friends about us, so for years, all sorts of two-legged people have been coming in to buy mom’s pies… and eating them themselves!

I know Annie got two pies the following month, but she is still suspicious of Grandma Irene. Personally, I understand why we sell them to two-legged friends. Pies are delicious, after all, and everyone deserves to have pie – especially during the holidays! I’m happy to share (as long as I get my own).

So, whether you have two legs or four, mom has you covered this holiday season. Order your apple, cherry, sweet potato, or woofie pie today!

dog treat of the month club, cookie treat of  the month, dog cookie clubsdog treat of the month club, cookie treat of  the month, dog cookie clubsdog treat of the month club, cookie treat of  the month, dog cookie clubs

In fact, you might want to order six and save yourself some heartache. You never know when Grandma Irene might stop by.


PS: Make sure to order your Thanksgiving Day meal now!!