Every year, around the same time, it seems like the same weird thing keeps happening; the light outside shines much longer, I can see what the neighbors are doing long after my dinner is served, (yes, I stare, don’t judge me. Just trying to stay informed; and besides, that’s why they put windows in houses and cars – BOL!)

My cozy coat somehow feels SO heavy and just UGH around this time too. It’s like someone left the door of Hades ajar. Mom and I still enjoy daily cuddles on the couch (not ever giving that up) and daily walks but we’ve had to make some adjustments to our routine. We’ve moved our daily walk to the early morning or late at night; this makes us both feel a little less “wilt-y.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but unlike you humans, we don’t sweat. We’re classy that way – BOL! But, we do pant a lot … its what we do when it’s hot, hot, hot. We also drool. Some of us drool regardless, cause it’s our “thing,” but if you notice us drooling extra, we might be dehydrated. On walks, Mom always brings a bottle of water for us to share (we ARE two hot gals, but there’s no reason for us to be drooling and panting all over town.)

I’ve also noticed that some of my friends don’t have that cold air box that makes their house feel so nice when the light is longer. Their Moms sometimes fill a kiddie pool in the shade so they can swim! Well, maybe not quite swim, but at least lay there, with tummies cool in the water. That’s the easiest way to keep us cool, you know, from the bottom up. Laying on a cold wet towel is also an excellent way to keep our temperature from sky-rocketing. Oh! And sometimes I’ll be walking with Mom and the grass will start shooting out water! I hear that some humans use that to keep their grass green for me to enjoy on my daily walks, but it’s WONDERFUL to run and jump through the shooting water too. But back to the drooling and panting … keep an eye out for that, it’s a telltale sign that we need some hot weather relief.

The last and most important thing I want to mention before I go back and rest under Mom’s desk, is that we are NEVER EVER to be left in a parked car – even if you park in the shade. Do you realize how small the inside of the car is when you’re stuck in it – and how quickly it heats up? Trust me, you DON’T ever want to find out. We know you love us to the Moon and back, because quite frankly, we’re a little bit obsessed with you, so please remember to keep us cool when the summer sun is out.