Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies between Thanksgiving and Christmas? In four-legged-friend years, it goes by even faster!

holiday dog gift baskets, holiday gift baskets for dogsEach holiday season, mom asks me for some guidance regarding our gift baskets for dogs. She wants to make sure that we are filling them with things that are on-trend, and I’m not one to brag, but I have a pretty good idea of what my friends are drooling over every year.

This year, the buzz around the shop has centered around Santa (well, really the reindeer) and snow.

I’m not sure why so many of my four-legged buddies are obsessed with deer, but they are. I’ve told you the story about Coco from Long Island before. When it comes to reindeer, the fascination is about thirty times worse! There’s something special about anything that comes from a deer that can fly, I suppose.

dog treats, dog cookie of the month clubMy one friend, Hoover, is a yellow lab who comes into the shop pretty often for – you guessed it – deer drops. He told me about a week ago that he has his search for reindeer “drops” all planned out.

Since the big guy lands on the roof, the drops will most likely fall there, then into the gutter, and then down the downspout. He is going to look at the bottom of the downspout first thing on Christmas morning. Then, just in case any fell mid-flight, he is going to search every single inch of the yard. It may take him all morning, but he says that it’s worth it.

gourmet dog treats, best dog bakery in bostonI don’t get it, personally. I’d rather have one of mom’s deer drops and hang out on the couch – she even made special Howliday Deer Drops! To each his own, I guess. Mom and I decided that since she already has the “drops” covered, she would make a reindeer cookie for some of the baskets instead. It’s a beef cookie decorated with yogurt; I think my friends will approve.

She also made a set called “Up On The Ruff Top” – which has a gingerbread house, two flying reindeer, mini stars, and Santa’s sleigh. I joked that she should add a couple deer drops to that set, but we figured that some people just wouldn’t get it.

gourmet dog treats, best dog bakery, dog cookie of the month clubMy second recommendation for some of the gift baskets was mom’s snowflake cookie. It’s a vanilla butter cookie decorated with yogurt. It may sound cliché, but nearly every four-legged friend who has come into the shop since October has been talking about snow. You’d think we live in the desert and have never seen the fluffy white stuff before.

We live in Massachusetts, for goodness sake! We’ll forget what the ground is supposed to look like by the end of January.

Snow is a pretty magical thing for us four-legged folks, I suppose. My friend Marty, a beagle, tries to eat the snow as it flies out of the snowblower every year. He doesn’t get much of it – and most of it is dirty – but he acts like it’s the best stuff he’s ever tasted.

My friend Lucille is a West Highland white terrier. She’s beautiful, and very proper. When she gets in the snow, she can’t even run in it – she hops! She looks like an elegant bunny.

Snow is great for anything, really.

You can:

Eat it

Catch snowballs

Roll around

Jump in it

Dig in it


Snow just makes everything better… even peeing. Of course, I do have certain friends – who I won’t embarrass here – that refuse to pee in the snow. They make their parents dig out a hole for them so that they can see the grass!

Who doesn’t love making yellow snow? I just don’t get it.

gourmet dog cookies and cakes, gift for dogsI do understand gift baskets, though. Ours are delicious.

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit! If you can’t wait for snow, try a basket with a snowflake cookie. It tastes better than the real stuff – I promise.

And if you’re more interested in Rudolph, try a basket with a reindeer cookie. That way you can still eat a reindeer even if you can’t locate any of those elusive, delicious drops on the 25th.




P.S. Order your Christmas dinner ASAP! Quantities are limited, and this year’s menu includes a beef and cheese calzone (you’re welcome), cinnamon apples, carrots, stocking cake, and a Christmas tree cookie. Yum!


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